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1.Meaning of IP:
IP is the abbreviation of Ion Plating and a kind of vacuum coating technology.


2.Principle of IP Coating Technology:
The evaporated materials and reactants are deposited on the surface of the product under the bombardment of working gas ions and evaporated material ions generated by partial ionization of working gas and evaporated materials by means of gas discharge under vacuum condition.


3.Composition of IP Coating Machine:
IP coating machine mainly consists of vacuum chamber, sucking pump, electric control, output unit and driving power supply.


4.Common Models of IP Coating Machine:
The common models of IP coating machine include multi-arc coating machine, magnetron sputtering machine, electronic gun coating machine, etc.


5.Common Target Materials for IP Coating:
Common target materials for IP coating include Ti, gold, Cr, Zr, Ti-Al, Ti-Si, etc.


6.Colors of IP Layer:
Golden yellow, coffee, rosy, silvery, gray, gun color, black, blue, seven colors, etc.


7.Thickness and Hardness of IP Coating:
Generally, the thickness of decoration coating: 0.3-1um, hardness: 300-1000HV. Thickness of tool coating: 1-3um, hardness: 2000-3500HV.


8.Applications of IP:
IP is divided into decoration coating and tool coating. Decoration coating is mainly used to improve product appearance and color and increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Tool coating is used to promote surface hardness and wear resistance, reduce surface friction coefficient and prolong service life.