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Golden House Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd (short for "Golden House" in the following) is specialized in PVD coating manufacturing and vacuum coating furnace manufacturing. It was founded in October 1996. The Golden House provides decorative and functional coatings on metal substrates by using cutting-edge technology.


Golden House is an R&D oriented company. Since 1999, "Golden House" had undertaken two 863-plan projects(National High Technology Research and Development Plan, short for 863-plan) in new material field. There are another two intergovernmental projects of science and technology cooperation between China and Russia. Besides, the Golden House took part in research projects for Commission on Science, Technology, and Industry of National Defense and one "major special project" of Guang Dong Province Science and Technology Department. Moreover, the Golden House received a grant from the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Fund for the contribution in two research projects. So far the Golden House has obtained 4 invention patents in total. At present, we are applying for another 5 international patents.


By the decades of effort, the Golden House achieves some capabilities. It now has more than 400 employees and over 30 vacuum furnaces, which provides solid guarantee on the production capacity. It obtained ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate, ISO 14001:2004 Environment System Certificate as well as SA8000 certificate, which suggests sound management, environmental care as well as concerns on social responsibility. So far the Golden House is an authorized qualified suppliers of some high-end watch and jewelry brands. The Golden House strictly follows the philosophy that "customer satisfaction is supreme", which leads to good reputation in the industry.


The major coating products of Golden House are as follows: IPG, IP Blue, IP Black, IP Gun, IP Grey, IP Rose gold, IP Coffee, Multi-color plating(IP Titanium /Gold, IP Black /stainless steel , IP Black/IP Gold , IP Black/IP Rose gold) etc.


All the coating products are stable in quality and color. Products can pass 48 hours in both wear resistance test and corrosion resistance test. The thickness of PVD coating film ranges from 0.5 pm to 2.0 pm.


Company laboratory has the complete functional tests to secure the delivery of qualified products. Tests include X-Ray Test, Metallurgical Microscope Test, Abrasion Test, Salt Spray Test, Artificial Sweat Test, High-temperature Test, RCA Tap Abrasion Test, Vickers Hardness Test and so on. Products will be routinely selected to carry out the variable functional tests. There is a visual inspection after the functional tests to ensure the accountability of test results.


Each product can be tracked through our tracking system. Apart from the internal routine tests, the Golden House will cooperate with external third-party test institution such as the SGS in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Productivity Council to ensure the quality demand of clients.