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Ultrasonic wave

The sound wave with the oscillation frequency between 20-20KHz can only be heard by human beings, but that with the frequency beyond that scope is called ultrasonic wave.

Physical Vapor Deposition, also PVD, is a kind of technology of having metallic or compound coatings on the substrates by gasifying coating materials with physical methods like evaporating and sputtering.


IP-Vacuum Ion Plating

Vacuum ion coating, in the scope of physical vapor deposition, is a coating technology combined vacuum evaporating and sputtering, which can ionize working gas or evaporated substances through gas discharge, and deposit the evaporated substances and reactants on coated substrates by the bombardment of working gas ion or ion of evaporated substances under vacuum conditions.



Originally vacuum means the space without any substances, but such a space doesn’t exist in nature.

So, vacuum is a relative concept. It is defined as vacuum when the pressure in a container is lower than standard atmospheric pressure in physics.


Sputter Coating

Magnetic control sputtering is a method to enhance sputtering rate by increasing plasma density by using of the restraint of magnetic field against charged particles, which makes Ar gas atom crash electrons and then fly to cathode surface fast after ionization and bombard the target with high energy and finally sputter the particles.


Arc Ion Plating

Arc ion coating is a vacuum ion coating technology using vacuum arc discharging into evaporated sources. It produces arc spots on cold cathode and plasma deposition on the substrates directly. It can be called multi-arc ion coating if there are two or more arc evaporated sources.


Medium Frequency Power Supply

Intermediate frequency supply is a static converter rectifying alternating current into direct current based on three-phase bridge full-control rectification circuit which turns into a constant single-phase medium-frequency power supply by the electric reactor and then turns into direct current into single-phase medium frequency current via single-phase blend variable bridge. Medium frequency current is adaptable for different loads and widely applied for tempering, heat treating, magnetron sputtering technology, smelting, etc.