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IPB is short for Ion Plating Black coating. It is a kind of coating used in watches, jewelry, hardware etc. The appearance of IPB could be slightly different depending on the target materials used. The color of IPB could be measured by Lab value: "L" value ranges from 30 to 35; "a" and "b' value equal to or less than 1 while the best value is 0.

IPB coating is originally composed by titanium carbide. At present the composition of IPB coating varies: e.g. zirconium carbide, titanium carbide alloy, chromium carbide, carbide metal -doped graphite etc. The major technique to manufacture the IPB is sputtering plating. The thickness of IPB ranges from 0.5pm to 1.5Nm for decorative coating and it is generally above 2.5pm for functional coating.

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