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The difference between PVD decorative coating and chemical coating:


The difference between PVD decorative coating and chemical coating:

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2019/05/05 10:49
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1.Similarities: Both of them are under the category of surface treatment, and coating the surface of one material with another material via a certain method.

2.Differences: (The comparison of steel substrates)
 1).The PVD decorative coating is mainly used for high-end hardware, but electroplating is used for low-price hardware.
 2).Some materials such as copper, iron and alloy can be electroplated, but not be PVD coated.
 3).The adhesion power between PVD coating and working piece surface is bigger.
 4).PVD coating is wear and corrosion resistant.
 5).PVD coating is in micron size, which can enhance the physical and chemical performance of the surface of working pieces without influencing the original size.
 6).PVD coating is colorful (by controlling the parameter) and easy to adjust.
 7).Non-polluted and eco-friendly coating produces no toxicity or polluted substances.
 8).High-quality but low-cost coating can be made by PVD coating technology, so it’s a high cost performance treatment technology.
 9).Using PVD coating technology, you can coat gold, binary element compounds and even five element compounds.
 10).PVD coating can really realize nano coating or nano multiple coating.